About Us

Civic Recruitment and Consulting is a forward thinking, workplace training and modern recruitment company leading the way in making training cost-effective and recruitment feasible, with accountability, excellence, empowerment, integrity, success and transparency at the heart of our business.

We are committed and determined to dependably deliver on comprehensible areas of intervention such as Capacity Building, Building Confidence, Building Success Consciousness, Expanding Perspectives, Nurturing Job Interview Habits and Sharpening Skills.

We are proud experts who provide bespoke, impeccable, sophisticated and thorough training programs. This means we are among the elite companies who have been providing result oriented and sustainable training programs. We have assisted individuals and various organisations transform underperformance into exceptional performance and productivity.

We provide significant insight into training and recruitment trends, prepare the workforce to perform with diligence, excellence and meet their various obligations as required.

At Civic Recruitment and Consulting:

  • We constantly provide excellent training programs and services.
  • We have established a strong brand name that exudes quality, services that are delivered with professionalism and value.
  • We operate with integrity and morality by providing our clients with excellent services.
  • We are confident in our abilities and knowledge. The key to our success is in making a conscious effort to maintain the changes in our clients’ behaviour.
  • We use our knowledge, experience and exposure to identity existing vacancies and suitable roles based on client requirements (including many non-advertised roles).
  • We have a clear Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Policy that shows how seriously we take Workplace Equality.

Our amiable and dashing consultants use their vast knowledge, exposure and experience to identify key areas of intervention, deliver training and proffer solutions in a comfortable, exciting, logical and practical manner.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing a secure, reliable and valued service as we maintain quality and guarantee clients satisfaction.

Our Vision
To place huge significance on creating employability awareness, building the required capability, conditioning and knowledge by empowering jobseekers and the workforce to be confident, ready and willing to deliver at their best.