Screening is the evaluation or investigation of an entity as part of a methodical survey, to assess suitability for a particular role or purpose. 

When carrying out the KYC/AML process of any entity, you will have to screen for the following; Political Exposed Person (PEP), Sanctions and Negative Media such as Convictions, Embezzlement Fraud, Imprisonment and Suspended Sentences using either World-Check owned by Thomson Reuters or LexisNexis.

NOTE: If you come across any of the aforementioned whilst screening, you MUST contact the compliance team or the senior management in your workplace to seek approval to proceed with the on boarding/remediation of the client/entity.

In addition, any previous name/s that is less than 20 years will have to be screened too. Information of previous names can be found on the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) via Companies House.

Finally, if you encounter a number of same matching names during screening, a discounting process will have to be carried out to adequately and satisfactorily screen for the actual entity. This will require discounting by the following;

  • DOB
  • Full name including any middle names of entities
  • Gender
  • Nationality

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