Complex Structures

Complex Structures

A complex structure is a structure that has more than two or three layers of ownership and is registered in 2 or 3 different jurisdictions.

This scenario attempts to illustrate on a small scale how complex company structures can be. In reality there could be many further layers.

Setting up a complex corporate structure is not illegal, and most aren’t set up with ill intent. However, it is key to recognise that their very nature can leave them open to misuse for illicit purposes. When complex structures start mixing with jurisdictions that require less transparency or with tax havens, the water starts to become very murky indeed. Invariably it is the responsibility of KYC/AML professionals to attempt to unravel these structures. 

Where taxes are low or non-existent. The world of offshore accounts, shell companies and tax havens extends far beyond the fictional legal thrillers you see on the silver screen. 


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